I hear, read, and answer question “Where did you studied?” very often. I answer again (and I’m sure I will be answer this question many times in the future): I’m self educated. ?

Of course, I examined beatiful works of the other bjd artists in the very beginning and dreamed of making something of my own – not merely mine but good mine, something that will satisfy my inner perfectionist. But I couldn’t. Or to be more exact, everything I made that period turned out to be some secondary garbage, a copy of copies. And it turned out to be boring (at least for me). ?

And then, I realized that to become happy I just need to turn around – in the opposite direction, to stop copying other people’s dolls, and to start looking at something more, something that I have always loved and what inspired me since early childhood: world art. ?

After that, things started looking up: the images and characters crowded in my head, jostled and shouted: I’m the next! They still jostled, by the way, while I’m trying to organize a queue ???????