Well, months of hard but inspiring work are gone, and already in several hours my shaman-girls will see the first visitors of Art of The Doll exhibition in Moscow, and the visitors will them 😉 And not to leave thoughts, ideas, and impressions of the creative process behind the photos, I decided to tell you about the “Inner Mongolia” collection in a few short posts.

So, My Inner Mongolia… Mongolia have been inspiring me since I was a child – with its steppes covered with the dome of stars at nights, with its stories about Genghis Khan, ancient legends, with its totally fabulous jewelry and costumes (I’ll write later about that), and with incredible closeness to nature, which, in fact, formed a very special worldview of ancient people… As we all know, ancient people (our ancestors) prayed not to philosophical, abstract ideas, but to 100% real, existed objects and natural phenomena. They prayed to a deer before kill him during hunting, prayed to a bird flying high into the sky, prayed an old tree growing in a sanctuary forest, they prayed to the Sun, Sky, Stars, and Darkness. That’s why three my shamans are dedicated to three ancient gods amongst the most significant and powerful – the gods personifying eternal elements and phenomena without which our world couldn’t exist.

They are:

  •         Tenger (Sky) – the girl in white
  •         Shöniin (Night) – the girl in black
  •         Gal (Fire) – the girl in red


ABOUT THEIR CHARACTERS IN BRIEF. You know, I do not consider dolls as a toy (never loved play with dolls and disassembled them when was a kid), rather as an art object – such a bijou and tiny but moving sculpture. And this sculpture has a soul. The words that every doll has its own character are not just words – it’s the truth. Let me tell you about the characters of 3 dolls from “Inner Mongolia” Collection through the example of how they acted during a photo session.

Tenger (Sky) behaved totally in accordance with her name standing for being natural 🙂 A dress? Which dress? Why do I need wear a dress? Almost all photographs of Tenger in costumes failed … By contrast, she posed naked for a long time and with pleasure. Such a child of nature;)

Shoniin (Night). As it befits Night, Shoniin is a mysterious woman. I would even say, a bit cold and closed – in terms of that she can be a storm inside (for sure), but nothing on the surface. It looks like she’s saying: go away, please, and do not disturb me. Amongst all 3 girls, to photograph Shoniin was the most challenging: the majority of the photos were ultimately bad – with no reason, despite the presence of light and good equipment. Few nice photos could disappear  or accidentally (and repeatedly) be erased from the computer … I had a feeling that she was shamanizing and did everything we did not have her pictures. Perhaps, because she has decided: okay, I already have my hostess, so why should I show me off for others?

Gal (Fire). Red is the first color we unconsciously pay our attention to. Well, it seems Gal is created for all pays their attention to her. Because she is a fashion-monger 🙂 In contradiction to Shoniin, she posed gladly. Unlike Tenger, she wanted to be only dressed. Let’s make photo of mine in the dress! Can I put that gorgeous velvet red coat on, please ?! And hat .. And yes, give me that twig … Such a nice girl who is joyfully wear semi-precious stones and bask in spot lights)

More pictures of shaman girls you can find in my flickr or insta.