Let’s talk about “Game of Thrones”? Tomorrow is March already, a month when first seasons of the show were showed. The 7th season was launched only in July, 2017, while the premiere of the last season will happen in 2019… Soo long. That’s why I’m remembering and reasoning while waiting ))
Personally me concerned about Bran and his role in the history of Winterfell but we’ll talk about it later. Today I’d like to discuss beautiful and terrible Cersei.
I consider Cersei a tragic character: no, she is not a demon. An unfortunate girl, an orphan unless with a living father who uses her as a piece of meat in his throne games. She has never seen another life, doesn’t know love, so she is drawn to her brother – the only person she can trust. She loves her children but uses them in the same way – exactly as her father – because she simply does not know that it might be different.

👑 As you know, in the Game of Thrones, even a fly doesn’t fly “just because”, so it’s natural that the costumes do not just decorate the characters but characterize them throughout all 7 seasons. Conditionally, Cersei’s attire can be divided into 3 periods:
1) The Queen
2) The Regent
3) The Widow

👑Cersei begins her “journey” in the series in feminine dresses of ocher-red tones – these are the colors of the Lannister house to which she belongs entirelly despite the official marriage with Baratheon. Her dresses are multi-layered, with luxury embroidery, rich trim, bare neck and neckline – she is a queen, mother, mistress, she is a beautiful decorative flower.

👑The second period, Regency, does not last long but that is the time she looks most royal: she got rid of all the enemies (including her husband) and became a ruler. There is a new color appearing in her clothes – green: she is full of life. Gorgeous and intricate hairstyles, heavy jewelry, rich embroidery and fabrics – I guess, I like this period in her costumes more than others.👍🏻😍

👑We observe the third period in the last two seasons: short hair, heavy look, she seems to be dressed in a mourning, black, warrior cuirass, tightened with a band-collar, fenced off from all people. There is a scorched hole in her soul, she wants nothing but revenge and power. A dry, thin, burnt-out tree. And her clothing is an almost complete repetition of her father’s, Tywin Lannister, clothing.
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