Why I did this collection in monochrome? What the reason of choosing exactly these colors?

White-Black-Red is a basic, fundamental color triad. There are three colors which appear in a culture first, and this is common for all ethnic groups around the world. Levi Strauss wrote in his research: the first thing any culture sees is “light and darkness” separation, then the third color appears, and that’s always Red. The triad “White-Black-Red” is already observed in the Paleolithic art (which was created more than 10,000 years ago). The basic art materials that time were: Clay (White), Coal (Black), and Ocher / Blood (Red). So, whatever Pantons, whatever dozens or hundreds of shades of gray (or any other color) we create and observe, at the initial level – the level of the ancient Mongolia and level of unity with nature, there might be only three basic colors – White, Black, Red.

White is the first color (or to be more exact, light) which any culture sees. White contains all the spectrum. White was a color belonging to some supreme deity since ancient times in the majority of cultures. In the past times, White was the most ambivalent. On the one hand, it’s life (light, egg, milk, semen), joy, day. On the other one – death (winter, snow, ice, bones). White is also a color of a victim (white animals often were sacrificed to gods in ancient times) and innocence, purity, God.

Black color (or to be more exact, absence of the light) is the second thing that a culture sees. Black is one of the basic colors. It means night, darkness and mystery. It means all that a human has feared and admired since the beginning of time. How would the world look like without shadows produced by humans and things? The dark ages are long gone and now deep, reach Black is the synonym of elegance and style.

Red is the most noticeable color. It the first what a human being sees after light and darkness. Unconsciously, we always pay our attention to the objects of the Red color firstly – unless, we force ourselves to focus on something else. In most cultures of the world, Red is a fundamental color. Because Red is about life, blood, strength, energy, sex. Before the 19th century, wedding and holiday costumes were Red (it’s still so in modern India). Also, Red means danger (again, blood and fire as well). The person in Red is always differentiate him / herself from others and attracts attention. By the way, maybe that’s the reason why Gal got the biggest amount of likes when the first photos of the collection were just uploaded in my Instagram 🙂