within the rubric #agressivearttales
☝?From time to time I can hear extracts of the modern bjd hands discussions and phrases like “arthritic hands, “twisted fingers”, etc. There are at least two points of view on the question.
??‍? artist – wants to demonstrate craftsmanship, ability to manage the plastic, so she/he bends fingers as intensive as it possible (sometimes too much).
??‍♀️ customer – sees unnatural posture and become “frightened” (even me freek out periodically).
☝?I try to see the situation from different points, otherwise life would be boring ??

There was such an artist Egon Schiele. Weird, genius for sure, vicious, beautiful, and unappreciated by his contemporaries. But now, he is appreciated very well: his painting was sold for £8 million in 2013. And Hands are his landmark, to be more exact such broken, arthritic hands. ??
Schiele’s hands are not physical parts of a human body, pieces of flesh but a tangle of inner contradictions, a sign of inner nervous tension, something which is supposed to be observed for a long time to find hidden meanings, something which might be read as a book.

OOAK bjd dolls have already crossed the game theme line, they carry characters, thoughts, and, I hope, a spark of art. Therefore, I would like you to let the artist to create her/his image in the way they like. A True Beauty is born in freedom of expression. ? And if you do not like something, it does not mean that this something is not beatiful, it means that your Beauty is still waiting for you, it’s merely not there.

☝? I intercede for cutomers too: a customer wants to see in her/his cabinet what she/he likes. And that is right! That’s why you have to buy only what you love, without any looking back. So, we are talking about the freedom of expression again – your choice is your freedom, and being an artist I respect this choice always and endlessly.
❤️ Here I feel obliged to say thank you to all my collectors for their choice, to my followers – for their support. You chose me and I’m happy because of that! ?.