​I’ve been lost in contemplation of David for a long time – it seems, he is the most replicated character in the world art, at least I think so.
Being a child, I looked at him as at an human’s body atlas – with an interest, being a teenager – with a great interest, being an adult – with ultimate understanding of the purposes for which this perfect body exists.? But I always looked at him as at a picture. And then Florence happened with me… and David.?
Lines, partial shadows, frowning brows, a raised upper lip, a nose of perfect shape, both composure and readiness for jumping, veins on a lowered arm, knees (OMG, this knees!???) He can not be left outside where it’s wind and rain, the Florentines knew that, everyone knew that, so they created the Temple of the Magnificent Man in the Academy of Arts for him. This is an example of an absolutely Hellenistic love for the perfection of the human body! ??
And finally, I’ve understood where to find source and beginning – there, under the Michelangelo’s shadow. Creating this post, I thought how to express my idea so you understand my key idea but, at the same time, know that I adequately assess my capabilities and talent.
So, my idea: I consider phrases like “Of course, I’m not a Michelangelo” disgusting because such phrases humiliate an artist containing disregard for his work and his life, they lower sights and lower the quality of his work. And all these things the author does by himself, without anyone’s help. It’s obvious I’m not a Michelangelo, I’m a girl living in the 21st century. But I want to be him, or to be more exact, I want “to talk” to him. And that’s not about fame, but about the level of skills and inner fullness. Therefore, I will always learn, strive, perfect myself in art, and fill my inner coffers with miracles. And I wish you the same! ????