I’ve just thought: what if I write about porcelain? Not mine but another’s. About such porcelain which I admire so greatly that I would love to own it and to dote on it. And I will not just write, but will do it purposely: in case if anyone in the future ask me “whysoexpensive”, I could just send them link to this post. So, why?

⚜️Because the technology of the producing of porcelain dolls and expensive porcelain sets, Faberge eggs, statuettes, etc. is THE SAME.

⚜️Porcelain as a raw material, overglaze and underglaze paints, luster paintings, precious metal preparations, etc., etc. are THE SAME.

⚜️Low-fire and high-fire processes in both cases are THE SAME.

What really distinguishes collectible porcelain dolls from exclusive porcelain sets, is that nobody will make a porcelain set in a single copy especially for you. To be more exact, they will, but:

  1. A) you must be of royal blood, OR
  2. B) you should be reach as kings, believe me😉😁.