Sometimes people ask me: for what purpose is that all? Why do they buy such expensive and unnecessary in everyday life things: after all, posh china sets or dolls can not be eaten or worn as clothes. My answer is: in order to start collecting exquisite and fine things, a person must first satisfy her/his primary needs.

To compare potatoes and a picture of Van Gogh is similar to comparison between hot and blue. Everything is equally beautiful) But! First food, then cinnamon buns. And that is okay, friends! This is what a person can strive for: to live your life so that you not only have enough for pasta, but also for a piece of porcelain (or any other) art that you can look at while eating the pasta.

And it is not necessary to think that your life has failed, if you can not afford this doll or that porcelain set. The main thing is to have a string inside which trembles because of beauty! If you have it, you are already a RICH person. In addition to basic needs eat-drink-sleep-breed, you also have a need for beauty, you can experience a bonus pleasure: ENJOYING BEAUTY! Have you ever thought how cool it is?

I’ve recently been to the Tretyakov Gallery. Maybe it was the 10th time I was there, or maybe more. And what do you think? I CRIED in front of the picture of Savrasov “The Rooks Have Come Back.” Why? Because of the happiness due to coming spring. Because of memories. Because of beauty.

I was followed by a group of Spaniards who consistently examined the same pictures near which I stayed. One of them saw my tears and a smile and asked why I’m crying. And I told him about our long winter, about the fact that every spring for us is a new life, every time it’s a joy, birds, sun! He asked: but there is no sun in this picture?! And I answered: there is no sun, but it will be! This picture is a PROMISE! And then I saw how his lip also twitched.

You see, this is what beauty is, that’s the reason why all this unnecessary and unutterable art is for: for experiencing additional feelings, which may not be in your life at all. It’s like living not in four but in five dimensions – that’s the reason why all these porcelain sets, all these porcelain dolls, and all these paintings are for.

One of my collectors says: “I come home in the evening, turn on the lighting in the closet with dolls and just look at them. I’m relaxing. I enjoy it! I feel so good!”