Ольга Гудилина


She is a princess of the Golden Horde, and furious love of the great Khan to his favorite concubine gave her birth. She came to this world one spring morning, when the great Steppe dressed in scarlet with poppy flowers, and the dawn of the morning sun turned everything into pure gold.

So they called her Altanai, the Golden girl


Altanai is a part of the very special “Timeless Treasures” collection, and is made using our latest mold “One Caress”. It is made of “Ultra Chic” porcelain, painted with overglaze and underglaze paints, and has thin Angora wool wig. Quality stainless steel springs provide stability of the pose and long-time reliability. Natural leather padding allows smooth and natural limb movements.

In this collection I was happy to work with my precious jeweller, Julia Sukhareva, who made all the jewellery for my dolls. It is a one of a kind set of silver jewellery with precious and semi-precious gems: topaz, amethyst, garnet, rock crystal, tourmaline, beryl. Making jewellery for this collection, Julia was inspired by ancient jewellers and their techniques. She uses no 3D modelling or 3D printing.

This doll participated in several doll exhibitions, like Spring Doll Salon on Tishinka expo center in Moscow in 2016 and “The art of doll” in Tallinn, in 2015.

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