By Olga Good

These girls are made using my latest mold “One Caress”, cast from “Ultra Chic” porcelain. As always, the faces are unique. Body composition is chosen by the client.


While making these sisters I got a lot of inspiration from their future owner (she is amazing! 🙂 ) and Valentino’s latest collection (it is very inspiring too !). I always felt interest to Renaissance aesthetics, and with these dolls I tried to adapt to that image. The wigs are referring to “Arcelet“, or French Hood, a late Renaissance female headgear, and wide shirt sleeves imitate the dressings or that era.

This is how I get ideas for the images of my dolls 🙂


The dolls are painted with overglaze and underglaze paints, and has thin Angora wool wig. Quality stainless steel springs provide stability of the pose and long-time reliability. Natural leather padding allows smooth and natural limb movements.

If you have any questions about the doll, please visit our Contacts page and get in touch!